Childrens Party Supplies For Theme Parties

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What party supplies do I need for an underwater theme party activity?

Childrens Party Supplies For Theme Parties

Is "Under the Sea" the theme of your next kid's party? Kids will have a blast going on an ocean life scavenger hunt. For this activity, you'll need just a few children's party supplies to play the game:

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Assorted plastic ocean life figures, including:
    • Toy boat
    • Turtle
    • Whale
    • Scuba Divers
How you play:
  • Make up a list of all ocean life items you have.
  • Plant them in various areas around the house.
  • Hand out a list of items for each child to find.
  • The person who finds the most number of pieces wins.
  • As an optional prize, let the winner keep the pieces.



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