Birthday Cake Design: Paste Food Coloring

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How can I make my birthday cake design look as good as a store-bought cake?

Birthday Cake Design: Paste Food Coloring

When it comes to your birthday cake design, do you feel like it's looking a bit dull? Grocery store icings and food coloring can look a bit lackluster so, if you really want to make your cake shine, take a few tips from the pros. Go to your local arts and crafts stores and look for paste food coloring. You can buy a set of mixed paste colors or just a small tub of each color that you like. The paste food coloring makes much more vibrant colors and will last much longer than the grocery store liquid food colorings. Use a toothpick to add just a dab to each batch of frosting. You'll be amazed at how little you need to use to get rich bright colors.



8/5/2006 9:43:06 PM
Linda said:

Is the paste coloring safe for dogs?


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