Shaped Kid Birthday Cake

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What kind of fun ideas are there for a kid birthday cake?

Shaped Kid Birthday Cake

For a fun kid birthday cake, learn to make your own shaped cakes at home. Many magazines and web sites have simple plans for making animals and other shapes from common round or square cakes you can bake yourself. You can make children, dogs, fish, cats, and more.

One birthday cake idea is to use tinted coconut to decorate. Shake some shredded coconut in a jar with a few drops of food coloring. Frost the cake and then use the tinted coconut on top of the frosting. It can make an animal-shaped cake look more realistic. Not everyone likes coconut though, so you might leave some spots bare of coconut for those folks. Use candy like red and black licorice, jelly beans, and hard candies to decorate your kid birthday cake as well.



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