Kid Party: Food Ideas

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What kind of food should I serve at a kid party?

Kid Party: Food Ideas

Looking for child birthday party advice on food? As a kid, a party means great food and lots of treats. Plan the food so that the kids don't get cranky from too many treats. Put out some healthy foods as well, but make them fun. Cut up fruit on a stick (if the children are old enough) makes it more fun to eat. Make sure you provide lots to drink, especially for an outdoor party where the kids are doing a lot of things. Water and fruit juice for younger kids are fine and a limited amount of soda if you allow it for the older kids.

For a kid, party food generally includes cake and ice cream but don't feel like you're stuck with that if you're kids don't like cake, for example. Consider having a sundae bar instead of cake, where each child can create their own sundaes. You can also make a pie instead of a cake if your children like that better. Whatever you make, try to have plenty of food--but not too much. Estimate how much each guest will eat and then add a little extra.



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