First Birthday: Take it Easy

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What activities can I do for my child's first birthday?

First Birthday: Take it Easy

There's really not too many activities you can do for a first birthday, so relax! For an easy afternoon or morning party, invite a few friends with kids of the same age and serve some easy finger food. For brunch, bagels, scrambled eggs, and a fruit salad work well. You can also choose to meet at a local tot park instead of having it in your home. You can pack some sandwiches and juice and just let the kids play. Instead of a big birthday cake, bring cupcakes instead. Take some group pictures if you can round everyone up together.

*Once they're older, your child will enjoy seeing who knew them that first year. Most parents find it best to plan on no more than a 2 hour party. Try to plan it around your child's naptime and don't expect too much.



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