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Question 1

According to the rule of thumb, how many kids should you invite to your child´s fifth birthday?

Of course it depends on your child and on the plans for the party, but many people feel that no more kids than the child´s age should be invited to the party.

Question 2

Are hand-made invitations tacky?

Depends on how they´re done.
It totally depends on how the invitations are made. 50th birthday invitations printed on a black and white printer and coloured in quickly by hand are tacky. But a picture of the birthday person on the front of some good card stock and hand written on the inside with a beautiful pen can be very memorable!

Question 3

Should invitations to a child´s party be distributed at school?

Unless all the kids in the class are invited to the party, invitations should be delivered some other way. All too often children´s feelings are hurt if they aren´t invited to what seems like the party of the century!

Question 4

How far in advance should invitations be sent?

2-3 days
1 week
2-3 weeks
4-6 weeks
People are busy! To avoid negative RSVPs, send your invitations at least 2-3 weeks in advance. Any more than that and people might forget about your party altogether.

Question 5

What should you include in your invitation?

Location and time.
Location and time, plus who is invited.
Location and time, plus who is invited and an R.S.V.P date.
Location and time, plus who is invited and an R.S.V.P date, plus your full name and phone number.
It sounds like a lot, but guests really appreciate all the information. Where will the party be held (including a rain place if necessary)? What time will it start (you can include an ending time too)? If it´s a child´s party, are siblings or parents invited? If it´s an adult party, are children invited? Don´t leave your guests guessing.

Question 6

Should my invitations fit my theme?

I suppose this is up to each individual host, but I suggest an invitation that fits the theme. But that doesn´t mean you have to spend tons of money on the pre-printed character invitations! Invitations can be printed from the internet or be hand-made. Even solid coloured invitations that fit with the theme will do.

Question 7

What´s something that could be helpful to guests if included with the invitation?

Gift ideas
Gift requests
Directions to the party
A party agenda
Pretty much all of the other answers would be tacky. :P

Question 8

How can I get guests to reply to my RSVP?

Call them once.
Call them several times.
Include a prepaid reply card with the invitation.
Include a threat in the invitation.
The prepaid reply card encourages people to respond and can be used for every occasion, including kids´ birthday parties. Calling the person can cause embarassment for both the guest and you.

Question 9

Is it tacky to suggest a gift?

Yes, always.
Yes, but there can be exceptions.
No, never.
It´s usually tacky to ask for a specific gift in the invitation. But often a small or verbal note is acceptable, for example if the person asks what to bring or if people are chipping in a certain amount for a big gift.

Question 10

What´s a fast way to make hand-made invitations?

Have your children make them.
Use a rubber stamp.
Print them from the computer.
All of the above.
All of the answers would be acceptable depending on the party. Kids would have such a blast making their own party invitations! And there are some beautiful rubber stamps on the market now. Plus you can always print out invitations from your computer, IF they don´t look too cheap.

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