5 Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad

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5 Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad

Here are some great gifts to give to your dad, which he is sure to appreciate.

A Sound Bar

A sound bar is a speaker that is sleek and minimalistic and provides a surround system, for a fraction of the cost of a theater system, and it is also easy to setup and operate, making it ideal for seniors.

Sports Gear

If your father loves games such as tennis, squash or golf, you can always buy them another racquet or golf club. Or try fishing equipment, new running shoes, better hockey pads, etc. And if it's a sport you can play together, all the better.

A whisky Flask

If your father loves a good drink now and then, you can never go wrong with a whisky flask. Have it monogrammed for an extra thoughtful touch. A good bottle of wine, whisky or brandy is also a good choice. Cigars are a great gift if he smokes or is a collector.

Event Tickets

If he loves football games, get him a ticket for the team he supports or a gallery show event if he is more artsy. Get two tickets and enjoy it together. It's bound to be an experience he remembers for years to come.

A Toolkit

Men love to tinker with things, and while he may do more damage than good with his new found power, he will appreciate the gift.



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