Teen Birthday Party Games

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What are some good teen birthday party games?

Teen Birthday Party Games

By the time a child reaches his or her teens, pin the tail on the donkey is just not that fun anymore. Luckily, there are many options that are perfect for teen birthday party games.

One idea that is fun for girls and a bit scary for any boys who are at the party is a scavenger hunt that is limited to purses. Break the kids up into teams and have the teams hunt for the items on the list in their team's purses. The first team to find everything on the list gets a special prize. (Obviously, there can't be any boys only teams, unless one of the boys is carrying a purse!)

Anything that is messy or gross is still popular with most teens. Egg races, guessing what is in different covered containers by feel or smell and water balloon wars are all good choices. Truth or dare type games are also very popular, but can sometimes get out of hand if they are not supervised.

For girls, any activities that have something to do with makeup, glamour photos or other girly themes are sure to be a hit. If most of them are similar in size, a wardrobe swap can also be fun. Have them each bring a few pieces to swap and make sure you have ten or so extra trendy pieces to add to the pile.



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