13th Birthday Theme

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Is there a 13th birthday theme that my child won't think is too babyish?

13th Birthday Theme

Your child is turning 13 and is complaining that the adorable bedroom you so lovingly created several years ago is downright babyish. Why not throw a room makeover party for a 13th birthday theme that is useful and makes your child happy?

  • Make sure you pack up the room ahead of time. Four to six kids in one room equals a whole lot of awkward limbs waving about and everything fragile is living on borrowed time if it is still out.
  • Allow your child to pick the paint color even if you hate it. After all, unless you are putting the house on the market next week, paint is just not a big deal. Since almost every teen wants a black room, be prepared for that request with a suggestion that you paint just one wall black or offer to allow black trim with a white or gray room. This way, when the black phase ends and you're trying to cover up that dark paint with a new color, you'll only have to put three or four coats of paint on a small portion of the room.
  • Provide unlimited pizza and drinks for the hardworking teens and be prepared to do a lot of painting yourself when it turns out most of what they've applied has ended up in their hair and on their clothes.



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