Have a Space-Theme Kids' Birthday Party

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Are there any ideas for kids birthday parties with a space theme?

Have a Space-Theme Kids' Birthday Party

If your little guy spends more time staring at the stars than the world around him, you may want to throw a party with a starry theme. Children's party supplies for a space theme are available in several designs, from astronauts to Star Wars. Besides buying themed plates, napkins, banners and party hats, there are many other things you can do to create a party that is out of this world.

One great decorating idea for kids birthday parties with a space theme is to borrow a projector and a DVD about space. Project the DVD movie onto the wall or ceiling. Have the children pick out different constellations. You can set up an activity where you offer a reward to children who find five or more of the constellations you call out.

Another good activity for this type of party is making rockets out of recycled materials. They may not work, but they're still plenty of fun to put together.



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