Childrens Party Supplies for a Spy Theme

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Are there any childrens party supplies for a spy theme?

Childrens Party Supplies for a Spy Theme

Children who are spies have been featured in several recent movies, so it is no surprise that some children are hoping for a spy-themed birthday party. Luckily, there are childrens party supplies for almost any theme imaginable, so if your child is a Harriet the Spy in the making, you can make his or her dream come true.

  • Start with the traditional supplies for a party, like cups, plates, napkins, tablecloths and cake toppers. Fortunately, you can find all these items in a primary colored secret agent theme.
  • Once you have the basics, you'll want to shop for supplies for the goodie bags. Any good super spy has gadgets, handcuffs and plenty of disguises. Make sure you shop for fake mustaches and at least one gadget-y thing, even if it is just a ring or flower that squirts water. Kids can pretend that they've filled those gag gifts with sleeping gas or some sort of top-secret truth potion instead of water.
  • Don't forget supplies for kids to play with during the party. Trench coats, cool hats and wigs are all great additions to a disguise box that the guests can use to help create a new look. Then, take a digital photo of each new disguise and print out super spy identification cards for the kids to take home.



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