Tips for a Happy Birthday for Young Children

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Are there any tips for giving a young child a happy birthday?

Tips for a Happy Birthday for Young Children

Adults tend to go overboard with a child's first few birthdays, especially if the child is the first grandchild, niece, or nephew in the family. However, all of the attention and fuss doesn't always make the day a happy birthday for young children. Too much stimulation can be overwhelming. To make a birthday fun for young children, you should:

  • Keep the celebration short. An hour is plenty for a one or two-year- old to have to be cute and well-behaved. A longer party means he or she is going to probably get cranky and tired. You don't want to have to correct bad behavior on the special day!
  • Limit the number of guests. Five or six people the baby doesn't know very well can be a bit frightening. Twenty or 30 guests that don't visit every day cooing over him or her are downright terrifying.
  • Get through the important stuff first, like blowing out a first birthday candle, about 20 minutes after the guests arrive. Your child will be more relaxed than he or she was when everyone walked in the door and will probably be able to concentrate more on the cake than if you scooped him or her up to begin posing for photos of firsts the second the last guest arrived.



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