Throwing a Surprise Birthday Party

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Is there a way to throw a surprise birthday party without upsetting the guest of honor?

Throwing a Surprise Birthday Party

Just once, you want to give a surprise birthday party that goes right. You're tired of hurting the birthday honoree's feelings all day and having him or her being so upset because everyone is acting like it isn't even a special day. How can you throw a surprise birthday party without the birthday boy or girl being neglected until the event?

  • Make sure you follow birthday traditions. Get an extra card for the morning of the big day and serve breakfast in bed. Have a gift ready to be unwrapped and take a bit of time to hang out and chat, even if you do have 5,000 more things to do before the party.
  • Remind other guests to call and wish the birthday honoree a happy birthday. Often, everyone is trying so hard not to ruin the surprise that they simply avoid the person the party is for until the actual event is taking place.
  • Set up a decoy event. Ask a friend to go out with the birthday honoree for the day, but make sure to remind him or her about the dinner reservations or other activity you have planned as a cover for getting the guest of honor to the party.



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