Low-Stress Birthday Parties

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Are there any ideas for low stress birthday parties?

Low-Stress Birthday Parties

In today's competitive culture, it seems that everyone has to throw bigger, more elaborate birthday parties in an attempt to be the best. However, when you are already stressed out and trying to make ends meet, the thought of putting together yet another huge bash you don't have the energy or the money for, the thought can be overwhelming. How do you keep up? The answer is, you don't.

You're probably wondering how this will affect the birthday boy or girl. Take a good look at your child. This is the kid that played in the box that expensive new gadget came in for twice as long as he played with the actual toy! Give him cake and some friends and he'll have fun, so why not throw a party that is low stress and gives back to the community? Try some of these options:

  • Ask if guests will bring canned goods and a small gift with them instead of buying big gifts. Explain to parents that you want your child to realize how fortunate he or she is and you will be taking a trip to the local food bank the next day with the donated goods.
  • Set up a nature walk with a picnic at the end. Give all your guests a green t-shirt and a trash bag at the beginning of the walk and ask them to pick up any trash. At the end of the nature walk, have a certificate for each guest stating that he or she is a community helper.



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