Party Themes for Bug Lovers

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Are there any party themes that are good for people who like bugs?

Party Themes for Bug Lovers

Young boys and girls love squishy, squirmy things. Even those who aren't fond of the grosser aspects of bugs are delighted by ladybugs and butterflies. With this many options, party themes that involve bugs are sure to delight most children.

A ladybug theme is so bright and cheery. Red and black ladybugs cover napkins, cups and tablecloths. Plates that are shaped like ladybugs are fun to eat on.

Fruit plates fit for a ladybug are one great menu choice. You can also make ladybugs for the kids to eat. You'll need Oreo cookies, licorice and strawberry fruit leather. Use an Oreo for the body and another Oreo for the head. Cut the fruit leather into wing shapes. Use slivers of licorice for antennas and cut a piece of licorice into thin rounds to make spots for the wings.

One great activity is to read The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle with the kids. Then, have them act out the different parts in the book using puppets. It is also fun for the kids to make their own ladybugs using paper plates, crayons and pipe cleaners. Finish off the day's activities by letting them break open a ladybug piñata filled with treats.



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