Animal Birthday Party Themes

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Are there any great animal birthday party themes?

Animal Birthday Party Themes

If your child loves animals, then you may want to consider one of the many great animal birthday party themes. There are such fun ideas for a child's celebration, from jungle safaris to a day with Curious George. However, with the popularity of the Curious George television show on PBS and the Curious George movie, this mischievous little monkey is probably one of the most popular themes.

  • There's one thing any menu involving monkeys has to include and that is bananas. Serve the bananas whole or cut them into slices so little fingers can pick them up easily. Of course, with George's appetite, you can find plenty of other snacks to serve that those little monkeys would love. For example, in one episode, George orders dozens and dozens of doughnuts.
  • Games are pretty easy to set up, too. Old family favorites, like the barrel of monkey games, provide plenty of fun. Simon Says is easily modified for this party, too. After all, people say, “Monkey See, Monkey Do,” for a reason!
  • Music can provide plenty of excitement, too. There are so many songs about monkeys. Try having the kids sing Ten Little Monkeys while acting out the words.



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