Elmo Birthday Party Theme

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Are there any ideas for an Elmo birthday party theme?

Elmo Birthday Party Theme

If your little guy thinks Elmo is the best thing ever, then you are probably considering an Elmo birthday party theme. Luckily, many other parents have decided to throw parties for their toddlers with the same theme, so there are plenty of supplies and ideas to help make your party planning easy.

  • Elmo costumes can be really exciting. The kids can use them to play dress-up games. If they don't want to dress up, there are several Elmo games, like a themed bean bag toss, that you may want to provide for them to play during the party.
  • If you have a Chicken Dance Elmo, why not set up a dance floor for the party guests? They will have a great time following Elmo's lead and the parents will have a great time watching their children act so adorable.
  • You can find the standard Elmo themed party supplies, like cups and plates, but there are also many other options. Piñatas, t-shirts, coloring books and coloring books are all available.
  • Finger puppets and theaters can be used to put on plays about Elmo and his pet fish, Dorothy. If no one wants to put on a performance, they'll still have fun playing with the puppets.



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