Planning a Pool Party Birthday

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Are there any tips for planning a pool party birthday?

Planning a Pool Party Birthday

During the summer months, a pool birthday party is always a popular option for parents and for kids. Parents love that all the mess is kept outside and kids love cooling off in the pool when they are done running around. To plan a successful birthday pool party, you should:

  • Make sure you have plenty of extra beach towels. Kids are going to want to run from the pool to the bathroom dripping wet and you'll need to be prepared to dry them off before they hit the porch steps.
  • Stock up on sunscreen to avoid barbequing more than the food. Although everyone should come prepared, there is always one child that comes to the party without any sun protection.
  • Provide floating toys for younger guests to rest on as they play and always have an extra adult stationed near the pool in case of emergency.
  • Set up structured pool games like Marco Polo for the kids to play when they are done playing cannonball.
  • Be prepared with a few games on dry land for children who are afraid of water or tire of playing in the pool before the rest of the kids.



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