Birthday Party Supply Ideas for Leftover Items

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What do I do with all these leftover birthday party supply items?

Birthday Party Supply Ideas for Leftover Items

You bought enough of every birthday party supply to be sure you wouldn't run out, and now you have a whole stack of leftover items to use up. Unfortunately, you know your little guy is not going to want the same theme next year, so all those supplies will go to waste, won't they? Actually, there are some great uses for the leftover items. To use up your supplies, you can:

  • Use plates, cups and napkins for special lunches or dinners. Your child may not want to use them for his or her next birthday, but right now, the character is still a big deal. You may even want to use them as part of a reward system. When you ask the child to do a simple chore, mention that he or she will get to use a character plate for lunch.
  • Carefully cut character images out of plates or party hats and turn them into puppets by gluing them onto Popsicle sticks. They are great for taking on trips, since losing them or getting them dirty is not the end of the world.
  • Use the character images on napkins to decoupage a tray or light switch. Simply cut the image out, glue it in place and use school glue that has been watered down a bit to apply several protective coats over it.



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