Birthday Party Supplies on a Budget

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Can I buy birthday party supplies on a budget?

Birthday Party Supplies on a Budget

In a tight economy, buying birthday party supplies can really be a challenge, especially for the expensive theme parties. However, this doesn't mean that someone who is on a tight budget can't afford to throw a nice party with the particular theme the birthday boy or girl has requested. To get the most for your money when you shop for a party, you should:

  • Buy a few lower-cost items with the character on them. For example, party hats and cups are often a bit cheaper than candles and banners. They are also items that the guests use often during the party, which makes them important for the overall feel of the day.
  • Shop for the rest of your basic supplies in a coordinating solid color. Most guests won't even notice they aren't the more expensive character-themed supplies. After all, tablecloths get covered in plates, napkins, cups and serving dishes; plates get covered in food; and napkins are scrunched up as they are used to wipe little fingers and mouths.
  • Make sure you shop for goodie bags with the theme on them. This is another item that is going to be in the limelight during the party, because the kids really look forward to their take-home treats.



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