Ideas for Prizes

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What kid birthday party ideas are there for prizes?

Ideas for Prizes

When you are working on your kid birthday party ideas, don't forget prizes. Sure, the day is really all about your child, but when birthday guests are young, it can be really hard to watch someone else opening gift after gift while you get nothing. Prizes make all those other gifts being opened by the birthday boy or girl a lot easier to handle.

Prizes should be a bit more substantial than the small piñata or goody bag toys, but they don't need to break the piggy bank. It is really nice if you can provide a toy for each child, even if you have to make up reasons to give a few of the prizes out.

Small puzzles, inexpensive handheld electronic games and kids' card games are all prizes that would be nice for young boys. Dress up shoes, tiaras and costume jewelry should make most little girls happy. If none of these ideas are quite right and you are unsure about what to get, head to your local store's dollar section. Dinosaurs, farm animal sets, stickers, funny socks and plastic food for kids' kitchens are all things that can be found in a store that has a good dollar section.



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