Birthday Party Ideas for Quick Clean Up

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Are there any birthday party ideas that can make clean up easier?

Birthday Party Ideas for Quick Clean Up

When you throw a bash for your child's birthday, the worst part of the whole thing is cleaning up after things are over, people have gone home and you are exhausted. Try some of these birthday party ideas for a quick clean up:

  • As you plan the party menu, think about the end result of serving colored punch instead of clear juice or handing out mini pizzas instead of chicken nuggets. Making food choices that can help alleviate disasters can really make a difference at the party's end.
  • Have a whole set of bonus goodies available as rewards for kids who help clean up before they leave. Give a treat for cups and plates that are picked up, trash that is collected from the ground and spills that are wiped up. While you'll still be doing plenty of cleaning, there'll be a bit less to do and you'd be teaching kids a valuable social skill.
  • Forget showing off those pretty floors and carpets to the grownups. Instead, cover any floors kids will have access to with oil cloth or tarps. Be sure to tape everything down at the edges to avoid having children trip on corners. When the party is over, you can simply move furniture aside, carefully roll up the tarps and take the whole crumby mess outside.



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