Birthday Party Idea - Create a Family Tradition

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Is there a birthday party idea I should use with my child?

Birthday Party Idea - Create a Family Tradition

When your children are young, you have the chance to create a family birthday tradition aside from the annual birthday party. Here's a neat birthday party idea: pick something to do year after year, and you will help strengthen family bonds in the way that only silly family traditions can.

  • Give a hideous gift. It can be sock with holes, a tacky figurine, or something equally goofy. The important thing is to wrap it beautifully and present it as if it is a treasure. When the next birthday comes around, someone needs to wrap that same item. As the years go by, the gift wrapping process will probably become quite elaborate. People may wrap a light object along with a brick or take a photo of it and wrap the photo.
  • Go to the same spot every year for a child's birthday celebration. Whether it is the local zoo or a bench by the water, make sure you stop by that place.
  • Create a tradition within a tradition! Always bring a single cupcake with you, light a candle and sing a song at that special location. Taking time to do something special with your child is the most important part of this tradition.



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