Filling a Pinata Without Using Candy

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Can I fill a pinata without using candy?

Filling a Pinata Without Using Candy

While a piñata is traditionally packed with candy, there are times when you need to find an alternative, such as when a diabetic child is attending the birthday celebration. While it is a bit more difficult to do, you can fill a piñata without using candy. Just be prepared to spend a bit more money, since you will not be getting the value assortment of cheap toys and candy that is packaged for use in piñatas.

  • Any small party favors that are on the sturdy side, such as plastic skydivers or whistles, are a great choice. While plastic rings with fake gemstones seem like a great idea, most of them tend to come apart by the time the piñata is broken open and they hit the ground.
  • Small packets of healthy food, like raisins and sunflower seeds, are also a good idea. Just be sure to consult with the parents of children with special dietary requirements to make sure your choices are okay before you include them.
  • The little puzzle boxes in the dollar section of your local big value store will also fit in a piñata, as will the trick or treat sized fun dough tubs.



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