Kids Birthday Food Ideas for a Transformer Party

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Are there any Transformers kids birthday food ideas?

Kids Birthday Food Ideas for a Transformer Party

Transformers are back in style. You've agreed to throw a Transformer party for your child and then he or she drops the bomb. You can come up with some kids' birthday food ideas that stick to the Transformer theme, right? Well, food doesn't usually change from a delicious morsel to a car and back again, no matter how excited the kids would be. However, you can make some related party treats.

  • Let the kids build a car or truck from food. Use grapes, banana rounds, bread squares and other foods as construction material. This works best if you make your own basic car sample before they arrive so they can get an idea of what to do.
  • Find robot and car shaped cookie cutters that are about the same size. Bake two sets of cookies and then use icing to glue them together as a robot car sandwich. They don't literally transform, but the kids can flip them back and forth and pretend they are changing from cars to robots.



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