Birthday Food Idea for a Superhero Party

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Is there a good birthday food idea for a superhero party?

Birthday Food Idea for a Superhero Party

Your child is really into one of the big super heroes and you've decided to throw a superhero birthday party. However, you just can't come up with a good birthday food idea for the party. What do superheroes eat?

Wonder Woman is so well known for her golden lariat. Although it is red instead of gold, shoestring licorice makes a nice substitute for that fancy weapon of hers. Rock candy becomes a dangerous weapon for criminals to use against Superman when it is labeled as Kryptonite.

For Spiderman fans, try making your own spiders. Peanut butter, round crackers and pretzel sticks make these creepy critters. Make a peanut butter cracker sandwich and push four pretzel sticks into each side to form the eight legs. Use a dab of peanut butter as glue to put cereal eyes on the spiders. (Any rounded cereal shape will work for this.)

If you have bat and spider shaped cookie cutters left over from Halloween, you can make several fun food ideas.

  • Bake a thin sheet cake or brownie tray and cut out bats and spiders.
  • Trace around the cookie cutters on a piece of clean cardboard and use the cardboard templates and a knife to cut the shapes out of a pizza crust shell. Then let the kids create their own mini superhero pizzas.
  • Of course, you can also make cookies in spider and bat shapes, too.



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