Birthday Party Favor for a Spring Girl's Birthday Party

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Are there any good ideas for a spring girl's birthday party favor?

Birthday Party Favor for a Spring Girl's Birthday Party

Sure, you can buy a goodie bag and stuff it with an assortment of plastic trinkets like every other mom putting together a birthday party favor bag for guests. However, for a girl's spring birthday that is a lot more unique, why not try something completely different? To make a spring planter party favor, you should:

  • Buy a pot for each girl instead of a goodie bag. Buy plastic pots for girls under five to avoid any injury from broken pots. For an older crowd, ceramic, resin or clay pots are fine.
  • Decorate the pots with paint, markers, small artificial flowers and other embellishments. If the party is for older girls, you may actually want to turn this into an activity for them to do during the party. They'll enjoy personalizing their own pots.
  • Add a plastic sandwich bag filled with potting soil and a packet of seeds that grow easily, such as marigolds or zinnias, to each pot.
  • A step by step instruction sheet for planting flower seeds is a nice touch.
  • Remember to tuck a few more traditional goodies into the pot, such as plastic rings, fancy hair accessories, princess tattoos and candy, as well.



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