Kid Party Favor Choices That Please Parents and Kids

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Are there any kid party favor options that will make parents and kids happy?

Kid Party Favor Choices That Please Parents and Kids

You're putting together the kid party favor bags and you're just not sure if you want to fill the bags with a bunch of cheap plastic toys and candy. The toys just break or are additional things for busy parents to clean up and the candy isn't healthy. Are there any other low cost options for party favors? The answer is yes.

  • Temporary tattoos are always a hit with kids and don't add a lot of clutter to people's homes. The kids apply the tattoos and they're gone. You can find tattoo themes that range from princess designs to wild animals.
  • Yoyos and other small classic toys are a nice, nostalgic addition to bags. Few parents mind a small, quality toy like this coming into their homes.
  • Lip gloss, chapstick, or small bottles of lotion are favors that are actually useful. Look for themed items, such as princess lip gloss, or just opt for a flavor or color that matches the party theme.
  • Bubbles, crayons, or sidewalk chalk are also a nice choice. Craft supplies and outdoor play items like these are appreciated by both kids and parents because they are useful and still provide plenty of fun.



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