Do It Yourself Birthday Party Favors

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Are there any birthday party favors I can make myself?

Do It Yourself Birthday Party Favors

Sometimes, despite the fact that there are literally hundreds of birthday party favors available, it can be fun to make some of the party supplies yourself. If you like to add a personal touch to your events, try one of these ideas:

  • Candy is one thing many people decide to take on as a DIY project. A few big bags of candy can be mixed to make a nice assortment for each party favor bag. Treat bags or small plastic snack bags are a good idea for holding the candy if the pieces aren't individually wrapped. To personalize snack bags, punch a hole in the plastic near the rim outside the sealed portion of the bag. Use rubberstamps or stickers that are related to the party theme to decorate small tags. Tie the tags to the bags by threading a piece of ribbon or yarn through the hole in each bag.
  • Instead of using party hats, make crowns for each guest to wear. You can find templates for crowns online. Cut bands to attach the crown front to from poster board and shop for glittery decorative cardstock for the actual crown.



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