Birthday Party Favor Bags

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How do I pick the right birthday party favor bags?

Birthday Party Favor Bags

There are so many options for birthday party favor bags. You can find bags for almost any cartoon character imaginable, as well as bags with princess, pirate and animal themes. Obviously, if you are throwing a themed birthday party, it is simple to narrow down the selection to one or two bags in a matter of minutes. However, not everyone has a theme in mind when choosing party favor bags. Try a few of these tips for picking out the right bags for your celebration:

  • If you don't already have a theme in mind, consider hobbies and interests the birthday boy or girl has. If you are still not sure what to get, look for neutral bags that would fit well with several different themes, such as bags with solid colors or geometric patterns on them.
  • Think about how many favors you want to buy for each bag. Nice, big roomy bags look very skimpy if they aren't packed with goodies, while smaller bags need to have only a few things in them to look nice and full.
  • Consider the bag's design. Bags that have a drawstring or some other way to close the top are great for younger kids, who tend to shed toys and treats from their bags as they wander around.



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