Birthday Greeting Card Ideas

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Are there any good birthday greeting card ideas?

Birthday Greeting Card Ideas

With the increase in greeting card prices and the cost of gas, the thought of making your own birthday greeting cards seems much more inviting than it used to. However, now you need some fun and easy ideas to make nice cards for your friends and family. For some cards that are sure to impress the recipients, try some of these ideas:

  • Record a short movie about the party and burn it onto DVDs. Make cards that are a bit wider than the DVDs and create a pocket on the inside of each of the cards. Decorate the card fronts with stickers or clip art that relates to the party theme. Slip the DVDs into the pockets and mail them out.
  • Use your favorite photo editing software to create a collage of photos that feature the birthday boy or girl. Upload the collage to your favorite digital photo service and order cards with the collage on their fronts.
  • Make paper dolls and print out pictures of the birthday honoree's face. Glue the pictures on the paper dolls. Make clothes for the dolls, including a pocket on the shirt or pants. Print up invitations and tuck them into the pocket.



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