Easy, Child's Birthday Invitation Ideas

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Are there any ideas for an easy child's birthday invitation?

Easy, Child's Birthday Invitation Ideas

When you aren't throwing a surprise party, the birthday invitation can be a fun project for the birthday boy or girl to help with. There are so many great ideas for simple invitations that are cute, but easy enough for kids to make. A few ideas for kids' birthday invitations include:

  • Gather unwanted CDs and their plastic jewel cases. Print labels to put on the CDs that give all the information about the party. Take out the old cover inserts and use one of them as a pattern to cut paper to fit the cases. Decorate the front of each paper cover with original artwork and address the back. Tape the jewel case shut and mail out to the potential guest.
  • Buy blank cards and a big container of foam shapes. (Self adhesive shapes are so easy to use and stick much better than plain shapes that need to be glued on.) Let your child design colorful fronts for the cards using the shapes. Print up invitation inserts with all the important party information on them and tuck them into the cards.
  • Let them use a die cut machine to cut out a large, fun shape, such as a fish or a dinosaur, and write the invitation details on it.



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