Go Online for Free Birthday Invitations

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Where can I get free birthday invitations?

Go Online for Free Birthday Invitations

You're trying to throw a cheap, but nice, birthday and are looking for ways to save money on some of the less important things you'll need. Free birthday invitations would be great, but is it possible to find them? The answer is yes, as long as you don't mind going virtual. To send free invitations, you should:

  • Look for a site that does more than send out the invite. You can actually have all the guests RSVP and send them a reminder the day before the party with some virtual services. Evite.com and Americangreetings.com are two services that offer free invitations and give added help to organize the party RSVPs.
  • Consider designing your own invitations instead of using one of the templates that are already made up. While it is faster to use one of the templates that are already there, using the site to make your own invitations gives them a special touch.
  • Make sure you look for additional options the site offers, such as asking guests to bring an item from a list. This option works like online baby shower registries, removing items once guests have chosen them as the things they will be bringing.



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