Fun Birthday Invitation Card Ideas

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What are some creative birthday invitation card ideas?

Fun Birthday Invitation Card Ideas

You could buy those blah birthday invitations from the local party store, but you want something different for the special party you are throwing. You need some fun birthday invitation card ideas that don't look like all the invitations everyone else sends. However, you are on a budget, so you'll have to give up on the idea to hire someone dressed up in old fashioned livery to deliver the invitations in person.

Well, while you can't hire someone to do the honors, you can still have some fun. Try sending the invitations in something that relates to the party theme. For example, for a cocktail party, write the invitations on cocktail napkins using gel pens and tuck them into empty cocktail shakers.

For a party for a pre-teen crowd, why not try sending invitations in code? Kids will love solving the code to find out all the party details. Just make sure you include a note addressed to the parents with the key to the code so they can lend a hand in case the kids get stuck.

Depending on the party theme, adults may also enjoy invitations that are a bit of a puzzle. Buy a copy of a paperback book for each guest and use the books to create a coded invitation. Don't forget to include a note with the page number where each word of the coded message appears.



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