Ideas for Birthday Backgrounds

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Are there any good ideas for quick birthday backgrounds?

Ideas for Birthday Backgrounds

When you are making birthday invitations, you often need quite a few birthday backgrounds for the fronts of the cards. Making elaborate backgrounds for invitations is much too time consuming for most people. After all, there's an entire party to put together, too. However, there are plenty of quick, but attractive background ideas.

With a rubber stamp that says happy birthday, a rainbow ink pad and a piece of cardstock, you can make four simple hand stamped backgrounds at once. Stamp the rubber stamp image over and over on the cardstock. Cut the stamped cardstock into quarters and you have a colorful background for four invitations. Repeat this process until you have enough birthday backgrounds for all of the invitations.

For an even faster background, grab some tissue paper with birthday images on it. Crumple it up, smooth it back out and lightly rub a gold ink pad over the surface. Cut or tear the tissue paper to the size of the invitation card stock and glue it into place.

Another idea for a background is to use your favorite graphics program to make a picture of the birthday boy or girl that is almost completely transparent. This image will print very lightly, making it ideal to use as a background layer.



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