How to Write a Birthday Poem

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How can I write a birthday poem?

How to Write a Birthday Poem

Sometimes, a birthday card just doesn't express your feelings adequately. You wish you could write a birthday poem instead, but you're no poet. Before you decide to buy a card that doesn't quite say what you want it to say, think about giving some simple, but heartfelt, poetry a try? You may just find that there is a bit of poetry in you after all.

  • You're as sweet as honey, as funny as a clown...Comparisons like this are pretty easy to make and can make an excellent beginning for a poem. Remember, you don't have to use the entire phrase in the traditional manner. Instead, you may want to try saying something like, "Funny clown, bringing laughter to us all..." as the start of your poem.
  • Write a short poem based on one of the Japanese poetry forms. The haiku or the cinquain are both forms of poetry that are under 25 syllables long, which makes either of them a great solution for someone who doesn't want to write a very long poem.
  • Make a list poem. List poems are a great way to let someone know about all of the characteristics he or she has that you think are just wonderful.



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