Finding Happy Birthday Graphics

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How can I find happy birthday graphics?

Finding Happy Birthday Graphics

If you are thinking about making your own invitations, making place cards, or creating birthday cards, you are going to need some nice happy birthday graphics. There are several ways to find the graphics you need.

  • Look for graphics with a birthday theme in your word processing software program. There is usually quite a nice selection available. If you have desktop publishing software on your computer, you should have many more options available to you.
  • Check free stock photo sites, such as Stock Exchange, for graphics with a birthday theme. Although most people only think of photographs when they see these sites, there are some very nice graphics available through them as well.
  • Shop for clipart packages with a party or birthday theme. These packages offer many graphics around a similar theme for a low price.
  • Ask a graphic artist to make the perfect personalized birthday graphic for you. While busy, established artists can be pretty expensive, those who are just starting out are much more reasonably priced because they are putting together a portfolio of samples and are looking for client recommendations.



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