Getting the Most for Your Money With Birthday Flowers

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Are there any tips for having birthday flowers delivered?

Getting the Most for Your Money With Birthday Flowers

Birthday flowers are such a nice gift to give, especially if the recipient is far away. However, sometimes the arrangement that arrives is a bit of a disappointment. How can you make sure that you get an attractive arrangement for a budget friendly price? To get the most for your money when you are buying birthday flowers, you should:

  • Follow up with the recipient to make sure the flowers arrived when they were supposed to and that they were in good condition. You may even want to scan in and send a photo of what the arrangement should look like to the recipient to make sure what they got is what you sent out. This is because the large flower delivery companies often have a local florist make up the arrangement and the florist doesn't always make and deliver what you purchased.
  • Consider finding the number for a local florist and bypassing the big flower delivery companies. This can really save some money, since you will not be paying the markup from the flower delivery company. If possible, do some detective work by visiting florist shops near friends and family when you visit to see what the shops are like and keep the numbers for the different florists that you preferred in a safe spot so you can call in an order around birthdays.



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