Use Birthday Balloons to Decorate Quickly and Easily

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How can I use birthday balloons?

Use Birthday Balloons to Decorate Quickly and Easily

Birthday balloons are a great way to decorate for a party without a lot of effort or expense. There are so many ways that balloons can be used to make a room look festive. To get the most from birthday balloons, try one of these tips:

  • Use several Mylar balloons with birthday messages to create a focal point for the room. If the celebration has a theme, look for a balloon that matches it to tie everything together. These balloons work well attached to the chair that the birthday honoree will be sitting in.
  • Use inexpensive colored balloons to send a message. Write the message on the un-inflated balloons using a permanent marker and then blow them up using a helium machine. Tape or tie them into place in order, so the message is easy to read.
  • Disguise an ugly ceiling with a mass of balloons that have been inflated with helium. The entire ceiling can be covered in one color of balloons for an easy fix, or you can choose to create patterns using different colors. Release them as close to their final resting place as possible and carefully nudge them into place.



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