Sweet 16 Cakes

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What ideas for sweet 16 cakes should I consider?

Sweet 16 Cakes

A 16th birthday cake commemorates such a special day, that the standard rectangular cake with a few words written in icing just isn't enough. Ideas for sweet 16 cakes that stand out include:

  • Make two cakes. The first cake should be in the shape of a one and the second cake should be a six. Put them on a big sheet cake to create a two layer cake that lets everyone know your daughter is turning 16.
  • Give your daughter a tiara cake for her princess or glamour party theme. If the tiara shaped cake is large enough, why not cut cupcake sized holes in the tiara's points and band so you can put cupcakes iced in jewel tone colors, like ruby red and emerald green, in the holes.
  • Create a cake that is also a hint about the big sweet 16 birthday gift. For example, you could make a car cake for a daughter who is getting her first car or a ship shaped cake if the gift is a trip to Disney world on a cruise ship.
  • Cakes that are shaped like something related to a favorite hobby are also fun. For the daughter who is a professional shopper, perhaps a cake that looks like a red high heel would be perfect. A glamour girl might prefer a lipstick cake.



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