Birthday Party Favors For Every Age

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Birthday Party Favors For Every Age

A great way to keep birthday party favors protected is by boxing them up in printed favor boxes. You can choose from great prints to match the theme of your party – try a pink gingham print for the birthday girl or a blue box with stars for the birthday boy. Whatever you decide, your birthday party favors will be housed in a convenient, handled carrying case which looks great to boot. Birthday party favors should be age appropriate. Younger children shouldn't receive small objects that they might put in their mouths, so hand out items like coloring books, trading cards or festive drinking cups. Older kids won't enjoy favors that are meant for the younger set, so remember that when giving favors out. Favors for older children might include a mini gumball machine, paddle ball or PEZ dispensers. It's likely that most of the kids at the party will be about the same age as your child, so think of the types of favors you wouldn't mind seeing if your child came home from a birthday party.



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