Birthday Party Desserts

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What birthday desserts can I serve besides cake?

Birthday Party Desserts

At birthdays, everybody expects to see the birthday cake at the end of the meal. But if you want to make a change or serve other desserts in lieu of a birthday cake, there are many more birthday party desserts you can try. Here is our list of birthday party desserts, besides the standard cake:

Cupcakes – Cupcakes can be a wonderful substitute for the tried and true traditional birthday cake. Stack several of them in tiers or decorate individual cupcakes with letters or a birthday theme.

Peanut Butter Wontons – These aren't your traditional wontons. Filled with peanut butter and deep-fried, peanut butter wontons are marvelous with a chocolate sauce.

Cake Ice Cream Cones - Bake cake mix in a muffin tin. Serve the cake, covered with frosting and sprinkles, in ice cream cones.

Snowball ice cream - Desserts are twice as fun when the guests get to make it themselves. Throw ice cream ingredients into a snowball ice cream maker, let the guests toss it around, and you'll have a dessert ready in 20 minutes.



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