Child birthday: Party Invitation and Thank You Notes

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When should we write thank you notes?

Child birthday: Party Invitation and Thank You Notes

After the child birthday party invitation and the party itself comes the question of thank you notes. Traditional etiquette says thank you notes are not necessary when the gift has been opened in front of the giver and the person has been thanked in person. However, it is a nice habit to get younger children into this courtesy will be appreciated as they get older.

If you can print your own photos, you can have the child write a quick thank you, mentioning the specific gift, on the back of a picture from the birthday party. (Any gifts sent by mail definitely deserve a written thank you note.) The thank you note doesn't have to be a long letter but it should mention the specific gift and have a sentence or two that is meaningful to the child and the gift giver. If something is duplicated or not well-liked, there's no need to mention that. Just thank the person for the thoughtfulness.



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