Party Invitation Etiquette

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How can I design a party invitation?

Party Invitation Etiquette

One of the best birthday party invitation tips is that party invitations should give a clue as to what kind of party you're having. You probably wouldn't use a hand drawn casual invitation for a formal black-tie affair. But if you're having a casual outdoor barbecue, have fun with the invitations. If it's a family event, it's especially appropriate to involve your children in all aspects.

Let them help deliver the invitations for a neighborhood potluck. They'll be much more willing to help out when it's time to clean up and organize for the party if they feel like it's partly theirs. Give each child some responsibility during the party if you'd like. In fact, if you are having an adult-only evening, let your young children pass around appetizers, refill snack bowls now and then, and take a plate of party food back into their rooms for a special treat while they play games or watch television away from the party.



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