Kid Birthday: Countdown to Success

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How can I make sure I don't forget anything for my kid birthday party?

Kid Birthday: Countdown to Success

As a kid, birthday parties are pretty special. Help ensure that yours go smoothly by planning ahead. 3-4 weeks before the party, sit down with your child and settle on a birthday party theme, if any, and the guest list. If you need to enlist some adult help, line up some friends now. Pick a date and a time and make up the invitations.

Two weeks before the party (or longer if you're ordering things online) pick out the party supplies and decorations, goody bags and favors. Settle on the activities and make a list. Having them written down will be a big help during the party when you have a room or yard-full of kids running around! Plan the menu as well--and doublecheck that your helpers can come! Check the camera batteries and make sure you have candles and matches around as well. Make or pick up your cake a day or two before the party and have the ice cream ready to go in your freezer.

*The morning of the party day, decorate the house and set up any activities that can be done ahead of time. Hang some balloons in front of your house to help guide your guests.



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