Birthday Theme: Treasure Hunt for Presents

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I cannot afford many birthday presents. What kind of birthday theme can I do that will still be fun for my child?

Birthday Theme: Treasure Hunt for Presents

A fun birthday theme is to hide the presents and give the birthday person (whether adult or child) scavenger hunt style tips about the where the present is located. On a piece of paper, write a clue about where the next clue can be found. Lead them on a chase of however many clues their age can handle: two or three for younger kids and more for the older ones. For really small children, use pictures rather than words to indicate the location of the next clue. Another similar birthday theme is to tie a string to the present, then run the string all over the house and end up on the birthday child's bed. When they get up in the morning, they have to follow the string to find their first gift.



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